Recent updates: The Crook in the Lot: In Modern English

The Crook in the Lot: God's Sovereignty in AfflictionsI have recently published some updates to The Crook in the Lot: God’s Sovereignty in Afflictions: In Modern English. Updates include:

  • Minor corrections in several places.
  • More updates to wording to improve flow and clarity.
  • Chapter numbers.
  • Increased margins for those who like to take notes in the book (Paperback).
  • Improved justification for readability (Paperback).

If you already have the book, most of these changes are incremental or formatting improvements, so I didn’t create a new edition. However, if you have the Kindle version, you can request that Amazon send you the latest version. Just contact them and ask them to send you an update for the book, specifying the title and the ASIN (B07C4M23MY). I have instructions for how to do this here.

UPDATE (11/17/2018): I decided that I have made enough small corrections that I would like Amazon to push out an update. Now, if you bought the Kindle book before 11/10/2018, you should be able to update to the latest version by clicking the Update Available button in your Content and Devices page on Amazon. In some cases, you have to remove the book from your device and re-add it to see the new version (try syncing your device first before you do this).


If you have any feedback on the book or the recent changes, please reach out to me! Thank you!


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