Two modern updates of Christian classics by Dolores Kimball

I would like to recommend two well-done modern classics by Dolores Kimball: The Attributes of God in Modern English by Arthur W. Pink and The Holy War: In Modern English by John Bunyan.

The Attributes of God is a wonderful book, and Kimball has done a professional light edit of the work to make it easier to read without changing the original meaning or sacrificing any of the material. The scripture quotes have also been updated from the original King James Version to the New King James Version. This book is amazing for the high view of God that Arthur W. Pink depicts from Scripture. It is common today to think on the love, grace, and approachability of God (which are all covered in this work) while failing to contemplate His supremacy, sovereignty, and even wrath. This book strives to present a complete picture of God’s attributes in a reverent and worshipful way.

The Holy War is an allegory by John Bunyan, who is best known for one of his other allegories, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Bunyan uses a city, Mansoul, as a symbol for the traitorous soul that needs the heroic and gracious actions of the Prince of Heaven to save it from sin and Satan. Bunyan uses both politics and warfare to depict the many different types of attacks and deceptions that a Christian must overcome. This work has hundreds of footnotes with supporting scripture references and notes.

Dolores Kimball is a Bible study teacher and women’s retreat speaker; she has worked as writer and editor for Navpress, David C. Cook Publishing, and Compassion International. If you are interested in reading either of these classics, these editions are an excellent choice!

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  1. I was hoping to find a modern edition of Holy War so this is great! Although I imagine her book doesn’t contain the great illustrations from many of the original language editions. As for Pink, I’m a little torn because I find that the original language of Pink is not so old that it’s hard to understand but I am in my mid 40s so that helps. I also find that the nuances of the original language is so much more rewarding. I like to give copies of Pink books. I may seriously consider this edition nevertheless.

    Thanks for the tips!

    Also picking up some of yours. Glad you made them and they are affordable on top of that. A labour of love. I plan to give a few copies away beginning with the Owen volumes and then all your other titles. Thank you so much for your efforts. A great blessing.


  2. I desperately want to buy 2 copies of Pink’s book in modern English for a friend with specific learning difficulties & for my adult son with intellectual disability. I feel confident they will understand this book in plain, modern English. From where or how can I order them, please?


      1. Sorry, Tess. I’ll try to look into it. I also can reach out to the author to see if there are availability issues. Thanks for your patience!


  3. Yes, Jason, there are availability issues. I have phoned, searched and asked online & offline without success. Not in book shops, either, anywhere or local. I live in London.


    1. Dear Tess,

      I happened to read your comments about the availability issues for the book you are looking for.
      There are many other good books on the attributes of God that are easier to find. You obviously have the original book which is just as easy to read in my view and definitely easy to find, but yes, in somewhat older English but not puritan old English either. It’s proper English. The Banner of Truth has a great book on the attributes of God from Terry Johnson that covers many puritans. You can read a sample chapter on their web site. A.W. Tozer has a two volumes set on the attributes of God that is a must read classic. You would have no issues securing any of these books in the UK and they are, in my view, far richer books. The Pink book is a classic but it’s also a short book. However if your heart is set on this particular modern English translation to meet your particular needs, some are available for sale in Canada where I live (but not to ship to the UK). I have no relation to Jason other than being a big fan of his ministry of modernizing the language of puritan classics. I am happy to mail you two copies at no cost to you of the book you are looking for. To avoid publishing your address on this comment thread, could you please use the contact form on this site (see contact in the menus) and send Jason your complete mailing address? Jason, could you then please send it to me? If you don’t still have my email address, I will follow up with you this week.

      Thank you.


  4. Dear Yassine,
    I have Tozer’s books, etc. It is just that I am following up a newbie as well as discipling my older teen: one has learning difficulty & the other intellectual disability, etc. But in fact, despite the intellectual impairment & disabilities, the young man loves God much more than I do, so, it’s a joy to persevere. We are studying – slowly & carefully – a mix of God’s attributes & practical Christology to get to know God, more. But Pink’s language is hard on them; Tozer’s language is harder; also using Knowing God (Packer) & Knowing Christ (Mark Jones) in prayerful hope of receiving from Him, a deeper worship & closer walk with the Lord. So yes, I am thankful & will give Jason my full address in a moment. Thank you for blessing us all!


    1. Dear Tess,

      Have you read the sample pages available online at the link below? I just want to make sure that you know what you are getting in terms of English. I imagine you have but want to make sure. Once you confirm, I will place the order later on today on my end. Thank you.


  5. Oh yes absolutely! I had read the sample, before I newly discovered this amazing site on modern classic puritans’ books. Before Jason showed me the redundant links. 🙂 In the past all I knew was Banner of Truth.

    This is an astonishing truth which might encourage you? According to official reports from APA, the majority of intellectually disabled adults in the US, are mentally aged between 9-12. My own experience in London is likewise. This means they DO understand the gospel & the Bible – just like us. They DO understand plain speaking sermons like Paul Washer’s… They DO have healthy attention span IF long sentences or long difficult nouns are not used & replaced by active verbs. And more than 2 conjunctions must be avoided. For eg, RC Sproul, Packer & Piper are impossible, for those with specific learning difficulties & those with ID. Yet, when I translate for one what Alec Motyer writes into (ordinary) plain English when I teach, he will understand & rejoice. Praise the Lord.


    1. Dear Tess,

      The order has been placed for 2 copies. Once I receive them, I will ship them to you. Patience will be required with Covid and mail delays but Lord willing, they shall make their way to you and arrive safely in your hands.

      All the best.


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