About this book series

Christian Classics for the Modern Reader is an effort to bring 17th and 18th century books to today’s readers. These books were written by orthodox, well-respected Christian pastors, theologians, and writers of the past. Most of these authors were Puritans who wrote in England and Scotland.

Although these books are easily found in the public domain, they are hard for most readers to benefit from due to the archaic language and formatting. This series provides sentence-by-sentence updates to vocabulary and sentence structure. Modern chapter titles, section headers, and other formatting also aid with understanding. To get a more in-depth look at how the books in this series are updated, see Approaches to Modernizing Older Christian Classics.

The goal of this effort is to help these authors reach a new generation of readers, you. But, most importantly, the aim is to glorify God and to help you grow in your walk with Christ by allowing you to walk alongside long-dead saints.


Every age has its own outlook. It is specially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to make certain mistakes. We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books. – C.S. Lewis

If you have a book you’d like to see in the future or any other feedback, please contact me. Thank you!

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